With a focus on durability and coziness, Kuoma's heritage is centred on creating dependable footwear for little explorers. Hailing from Finland, the brand embodies Nordic design principles, constructing their shoes to withstand chilly weather while prioritizing comfort. Kuoma uses top-notch materials, insulation, and precise design, ensuring that every pair not only withstands the elements but also promotes the healthy growth of children's feet.


Kuoma was founded by Juho Puttonen in 1928. Today, the Puttonen family still works at Kuoma, now in its third generation. Juho Puttonen retired at the age of 74. Juho’s son Erkki Puttonen took his father’s place, and ran the company until 1975, when Erkki’s brother, Antti Puttonen took charge.

Carefully imported from Finland



Parenthood is a journey filled with countless unknowns, and one common concern we hear from many of you is the challenge of sizing your child's feet. It's natural to feel a bit uncertain, and that's ok! We're here to help.

A Guide to Sizing Your Child's Feet
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