A must-have for unforgettable winter adventures, Olang winter boots are crafted for comfort, support, and warmth. Olang's approach to both fashion and practicality is evident in their designs, featuring vibrant colours, playful patterns, and attention to sizing for growing feet.


With a century-old legacy, Olang remains a trusted choice for parents seeking reliable and fashionable winter boots to keep their children warm and comfortable during the colder months. The Marchand family, rooted in Quebec since 1895, harmonizes both tradition and innovation in their creations. With their main goal of offering maximum comfort while upholding their social and environmental values, they only work with European suppliers that share their values and are committed to sustainable production.

Carefully imported from Europe



Parenthood is a journey filled with countless unknowns, and one common concern we hear from many of you is the challenge of sizing your child's feet. It's natural to feel a bit uncertain, and that's ok! We're here to help.

A Guide to Sizing Your Child's Feet
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